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Fire Fighting Pumps For Your Farm, Camp or Cottage!

Roof Top Sprinkler Systems

Roof-Top Sprinkler Systems

FACT: In the face of an advancing wildfire, a structure with a properly implemented FireSmart Program in combination with an operational exterior rooftop sprinkler system, has a survival probability of above 90%.

      Sprinklers are one of the oldest methods but one of the newest technologies in wildfire control and property fire protection in wildland areas. Unlike the sprinkler systems found inside buildings, these outdoor units are not intended to put out a fire. Instead, they work in the following manner:

  • Sprinklers are used to thoroughly wet down an area. This results in combustibles (buildings and landscape) being much less likely to ignite due to flying embers and the intense heat of a nearby fire.
  • The soaked landscape releases moisture into the air. This lowers the ambient temperature and increases the humidity level of the immediate area. These effects extend some distance above ground level. The result is that the advancing wildfire will tend to be deflected by this less supportive environmental pocket and pass by the protected property.
  • Sprinklers are most effective when in continual operation for 2 or more hours prior to the arrival of the fire. However, any operational time, even as little as an hour, will increase chances of a successful defence of the property.

This approach has proven to be highly effective with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources being internationally recognized as leaders in the area. When Ontario is sends forestfire fighting personnel to other provinces or countries, sprinkler crews make up a significant component of the team.

Cottage with sprinklers
Photo: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

British Columbia 2003 -- After the fire
After the fire

Various components are available to provide you with complete protection including:

  • Individual sprinkler heads
  • Fascia sprinkler mounts
  • Stake/spike sprinkler -- attach to roof, poles, trees, etc.
  • Fire Pump packages to supply sprinklers

A rooftop sprinkler system is not just for fire protection. Because it is designed to provide gentle water distribution over a large area, it is a perfect means of keeping your landscape green and lush. On a hot summer day, it will even provide natural cooling - no need for an air conditioning system. Not only will your surroundings look attractive (when everything around you is dried and brown) but it will be fire safe.

Take a look at Protect Your Home From Wildfire (2 pages, 1196 KB) -- a brochure from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Another reference — Wildfire Water Pumping and Sprinkler System Handbook, 4th Edition (37 pages, 2,431 KB) by Jason Gogal, P.Eng.

View sprinkler installation Case Study #1
View sprinkler installation Case Study #2

Planning For Build or Renovate???

Did You Know That ...

  • In a wildfire event, most structures are lost due to ignition by flying embers. You don't have to lose your building.
  • Exterior sprinklers have better than a 90% success rate in saving structures in wildfires.
  • Firefighters will make a greater effort to save a property which the owner has taken obvious steps to make firesafe.
  • What happens during the first 10 minutes of a fire usually determines the outcome.
  • Your cottage sauna has the highest fire risk — followed by your boathouse.


Exterior Sprinklers

All of our sprinkler heads offer the following features:
  • Heavy duty brass construction
  • Extra large body & barrel
  • Stainless steel springs & fulcrum pin
  • Dual nozzle ports
  • Low angle to fight strong wind conditions
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Built to last

Fascia Mounting Bracket

Fascia Mount

Designed primarily for attachment to a vertical surface such as a roof fascia, to support 1 sprinkler head. Bracket backplate is 8" by 5" by 3/16" aluminum plate welded to 3/4" NPT threaded tube on a 1.25" offset. Mounting plate has 4 pre-drilled holes. Additional mounting holes can be easily be field drilled for precise placement. Bracket plate can be trimmed for custom fit.
Note: "Bracket only" does not include brass fittings.

AFMB8 Fascia Mounting Bracket $99.00Cdn Qty: Out of Stock

Fascia Mount Sprinkler Assembly

Fascia Mount Sprinkler Assembly

A commercial sprinkler head (WadeRain) plus a fascia mounting bracket for attachment to a vertical surface such as a gable-end at roof peak. Sprinkler is of brass and stainless steel construction with a performance rating of 110 ft. diameter and 17.6 gpm at 60 psi. Full-circle coverage. Brass coupler and female garden hose fitting is standard on assembly unit.

AFMSP8 Fascia Mount Sprinkler Assembly $169.00Cdn
incl. #ASPWR33
Qty: Out of Stock

WadeRain 3/4" sprinkler head
Sprinkler Head

Agricultural grade impact sprinkler head. Brass. 3/4" MIPT. With 1/4" range & 1/8" spreader nozzles. Full-circle coverage. Provides approx. 17 gpm @ 60 psi with 110 ft. diameter. WadeRain model WR-33

Cdn $59.00

Railway Sprinkler Mount        

Spike sprinkler Actually, this is a water thief with an integrated sprinkler head. It was originally designed for fire protection of wooden railway bridges. With a height of under 7½", it can be seasonally secured to the ties between the rails without interference from passing rolling stock. When needed, attach fire hoses to the sprinklers to wet the area.

The base plate is 3/16" steel measuring 8" x 10" with 4 pre-drilled 3/8" mounting holes. Water flow is unobstructed through the 1½" waterway to subsequent uses down the line — connections are forestry quick connect (FQC). The port to the sprinkler is 3/4" NPT. There is no flow control.

The mount is of sturdy steel construction painted industrial grey. Weight is 9.2 lb. with WadeRain WR-33 sprinkler installed. For horizontal placement only.

ASPRR33 Railway Sprinkler Mount
/w WadeRain WR-33
$189.00Cdn Qty:
ASPRRMT Railway Sprinkler Mount
(mount only)
$134.00Cdn Qty:

Hydro-Wick Spike Sprinkler

Spike sprinkler

The Hydro-Wick heavy duty sprinkler is designed for use with standard forestry fire pumps. A high performance model with applications including prescribed burns, exterior building protection, and fire line protection. Also works well for landscape watering and general cooling on a hot summer day. Supplied with splitter type nozzle and 2 extra nozzles of different sizes. Has spike support with mounting holes providing for a variety of placement options. Female GHT fitting is standard allowing connection to garden hose style coupling. Full-circle coverage. This is the workhorse for wildland fire crews.

Bearing: ¾" brass
Trajectory angle: 27 degrees
Operating Range: 25-80 psi
Flow Rate: 4.2-23 gpm
Coverage Radius: 44-71 ft.
Coupling: ¾" female GHT

Connect to your portable fire pump using a waterthief and the ¾" patrol hose or the premium sprinkler hose below.

AFLSP Hydro-Wick Sprinkler
incl. agriculture grade head
$269.00Cdn Qty: Out of Stock

Squall Wall        

Squawl Wall

The Scotty 4056 is an easy to use device that creates a thin wall of water to help cool and protect structures. The user simply attaches the Squall Wall to a fire hose and secures the fitting tothe ground and starts the flow of water.Squawl Wall

The small, angled (about 80°) ramp directs the water flow up through the opening vent to create a linear fan of water extending up to 20' high and 40' wide. Is available in flow rates of 15, 30 and 50 gpm — we stock only the 15 gpm version with 1.5" female NPSH threads. Optional Quarter Turn Quick Connect coupling available.

A4056-15F Squawl Wall 15 gpm
$25.00Cdn Qty: Out of Stock



A manifold creates a very compact and efficient water distribution center. If the one below does not suit your needs, then send us your requirements and we can custom design and build one for you. Actual build time is a minimum of 3 weeks, but can be longer. On occasion, we have one on the shelf. Call to order.

Price (manifold only, as shown): $595

Shown above is an 11 port manifold that was designed to accommodate an 8-16 sprinkler system with attack line capability. It provides for branch lines while maintaining the capability for full flow-through when required. A smaller top port can accommodate a pressure gauge. Has sturdy 9" wide triangular base for stability with 3" ground clearance. A top carrying handle allows for easy transport. Painted red. Welded construction using schedule 10 UL & CUL listed 3" steel tube with 3.05 mm wall.

1½" FNPT: 2 (1 each end)Length: 26"
1" FNPT: 8 (4 each side)Width: 6"
½" FNPT: 1 (on top)Height: 10"

Shown below is the same manifold fully populated and ready for the field with ball valves, pressure guage and 1½" FQC fittings. Manifold

Price with fittings as shown: $995


Premium Sprinkler Hose

FireBoss premium all synthetic non-weeping lined single jacket forestry hose, standard with yellow Permatek HP™ treatment. Service pressure: 300 psi.

1" waterway, coupled with quality garden hose fittings — an ideal hose to supply sprinklers. In 50 ft. lengths only.

HFB01050G Premium Sprinkler Hose 1" x 50' GHT $179.00Cdn Qty:

See also Patrol Hoses for this application

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