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Exterior Roof-Top Sprinklers

Sprinkler Installation Case Study #2

The property-owner requested a dual rooftop sprinkler installation on an older cabin. The location was a rural mixed deciduous/coniferous environment with patchy open spaces. Water source was a nearby pond and would be supplied by a Wickman 100 fire pump with external fuel tank option for extended run capability.

A simple quick installation was required. Since appearance was not an issue, an exterior surface mount approach was taken.. All materials used were readily available from our company or the local plumbing/hardware store. Installation time was about 2 man-hours. All work was done by the homeowner using basic tools.

Image 1
Photo showing connection point where fire hose will be attached. Standard 1½" plastic pipe used for water distribution to sprinkler heads.
Image 2
Supply line routed up corner board to eave. "T" in line sends water to near-end peak and to other end of building.
Image 3
Supply line follows overhang to sprinkler head. Note the clamps securing piping to building.
Image 4
Photo shows sprinkler at opposite end of cabin.
Image 5
Rooftop view of one sprinkler.
Image 6
Rooftop view of second sprinkler.
Photo credits: Mercedes Textiles Ltd.

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