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Fire Fighting Pumps For Your Farm, Camp or Cottage!

Portable Fire Pumps

Your Fire Fighting Pump Choices

The following is a list of our standard fire fighting pump choices. These are all of professional quality and used by wildland fire fighting crews around the world. We do not carry dewatering, construction or trash pumps -- they are not suitable for firefighting applications The pump is the heart of your fire fighting system. For a full picture of what goes into a complete package suitable for your situation, take a look at our Turn Key Solutions for standard packages or you can use the catalog to select your components. All of the pumps use 1½" (38 mm) discharge ports.

You will find our Backpack Pumps at the bottom of this page.


Wickman Pumps by Mercedes Textiles

Wick 80-4HA Pump
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Wick 80-4HA

Lightweight pump rated at 73 psi and 55 US gpm. Powered by 35 cc 1.6 hp Honda 4 stroke "any position" engine. Weighs 17.8 lb.

Stock # PW80-4H

Wickman 100G™ Pump
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Wickman 100G™

Another lightweight pump rated at 103 psi and 71 US gpm. Powered by high performance Solo 2 stroke engine generating 2.4 hp and weighing only 16.9 lb. Our most popular pump for cottage applications.

Stock # PW100, PW100RF

Wick 250 Pump
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Wick 250

A 3 stage pump weighing 31 lbs. and powered by an 8 hp high performance 2 stroke engine. Capable of pressures to 230 psi and flows to 90 US gpm.

Stock # PW250

Wick 375 Pump
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Wick 375

Producing pressures to 360 psi and flows to 90 US gpm, the Wick 375 is a workhorse for fire crews around the world. The 4 stage pump (of Mark-3 fame) is powered by a 10 hp Solo 2 stroke engine. This is a very high performance pump for use in the most demanding of settings.

Stock # PW375



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The Waterous FlotoPump™ is suitable for properties with needs beyond a basic fire pump. With a powerful 8 hp engine and weighing less than fifty pounds, it is appropriate for a quick response to fires in inaccessible areas. It is also an excellent swimming pool fire pump for high risk and high value residential properties.

The High Pressure FlotoPump™ throws a stream of water over 85 feet (26 m) at 170 psi (392' lift). Although developed for the fire service, the FlotoPump™ is also used for marine service, dewatering, pool maintenance, environmental clean−up and irrigation.

Stock # PFP105, PFP170


Goliath Pumps

Goliath Pump
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Goliath pumps by CET are appropriate for applications with needs beyond a basic fire pump. They are suitable for property located considerably above water supply level or to protect tall trees or high structures. With a choice of 6 or 9 hp Honda 4 stroke engines powering a 2 stage pump, Goliath pumps are capable of delivering water to those higher points.

Although producing pressures to 150 psi (347 ft. lift) and flows to 125 GPM (473 l/m), these easy to start pumps can be operated by healthy individuals ages 12 and up with training.

Stock # PGP65M, PGP65E, PGP90M, PGP90E

Backpack Pumps

Rigid Back Tank
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Poly Tank™ Rigid Back Tank

A rugged UV resistant back tank with brass bayonet style hand pump. Ideal for dealing with spot fires -- or have it near your campfire or burning barrel. Capacity of 5 US gallons

Stock # PB615

Collapsible Back Tank

UV resistant, highly visible, rugged, easy to fill and comfortable to wear. Ideal when space is limited. 5 gallons. Hand Pump

Stock# A6258600
Collapsible Back Tank
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