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Fire Fighting Pumps For Your Farm, Camp or Cottage!

Black River Fire Pump

Black River Fire Pumps
The BlackRiver product line has been discontinued.
Goliath pumps now recommended.
Model 206B -- Cdn $1,499
Model 206H -- Cdn $1,599
Model 409B -- Cdn $1,750
Model 409H -- Cdn $1,899
Black River Pump
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Black River Forestry Pumps are assembled in Canada using Davey pump components driven by trusted Honda and Briggs&Stratton Vanguard engines. The pump is a two stage unit using marine grade aluminum components for the casing, impellers and diffusers. Produces pressures to 145 psi and flows to 106 us gpm. Lift of 335'. Suction port is threaded 1½". With 3 threaded NPT discharge ports (two - 1" and one - 1½"), you have a variety of fire fighting configurations available. Pump also provides a dedicated priming port and integrated carrying handle. The inlet is clappered to maintain prime. Unit is mounted on a skid style frame for ease of handling and stability. This pump is ideally suited for Forestry as well as home firefighting.

OPTIONAL: Hand primer pump
Two wheel transport cart


Power is provided by either Briggs&Stratton Vanguard or Honda air cooled 4 stroke engines. All use sturdy recoil pull start and are equipped with on-board fuel tanks to provide 45-60 minutes of continuous operation. Low oil shut down feature protects all engines. The manufacturer's warranty period is 2 years for non-commercial uses..


Length: 24" (61 cm)
Width: 17" (43 cm)
Height: 18" (46 cm)
Weight: (M206) 69 lbs (31.4 kg)
Weight: (M409B) 82 lbs (37.3 kg)
Weight: (M409H) 78 lbs (35½ kg)
Suction: 1½" NPT (38 mm)
Discharge: 1 x 1½" NPT (38 mm)
Discharge: 2 x 1" NPT (25 mm)
Max. Pressure 145 psi (104 m)

Peak Performance
Model 206
6 hp.
LPM US GPM IMP GPM   Model 409
9 hp.
125 psi 95 24 20   125 psi 200 50 42
100 psi 150 37½ 31   100 psi 300 75 63
75 psi 220 55 45   75 psi 375 92 77
50 psi 250 61 52   50 psi 425 106 89

Performance graph

(Stock #)
Black River Model 206 Fire Pump
Briggs&Stratton 6 hp.
Sorry, currently
not available
(Stock #)
Black River Model 206 Fire Pump
Honda GX160 5.5 hp.
Sorry, currently
not available
(Stock #)
Black River Model 409 Fire Pump
Briggs&Stratton 9 hp.
Sorry, currently
not available
(Stock #)
Black River Model 409 Fire Pump
Honda GX270 9 hp.
Sorry, currently
not available
(Stock #)
Two Wheel Transport Cart
For Black River Pumps

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